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Moov is a digital wallet for your daily commuting services.

Use our platform and never stay in line again, everything is as you're used to.

Keep track of your transport in real time, view planned stops and get an updated time of arrival.

Simply board the city's main modals using your mobile for no additional fee

How does it works?

Easy to Use

Complete a short signup and instantly gain access to LATAM's first Mobility as a Service platform (MaaS)

Transportation for All

With Moov, you don't have to know every single line by heart. Use our interactive map and find the right route and modals for you.

Digital Wallet

Leave your chunky wallet and transportation cards at home! Use your pre loaded credits to pay for your transportation.

Unique experience

Believe it or not, with Moov your public transportation experience will be even better than with private modals. We have eliminated the hassle so you can have a happier commute.

Live Feed

All modals are live on our map, so you won't ever have to wait for your transportation at a stop.


We let you know when it's time to head to your stop, simple as that!


Moov is a digital wallet used to access your daily transportation.

To provide an elevated experience and guaranty safety, Moov developed a reserved transportation modal. When using this modal user will reserve their seating, in buses dedicated to the system. Consequently users enjoy an expedited ride exclusive for registred users, at no additional price.


Moov app

Credit Card.


Cash, Debit Card e Credit Card.

Wire transfer

Informations available on the app.

Reserved service

Moov's Digital Wallet, Cash or Commuter Benefits Cards.

*Moov provides all services free of any fees to passengers.

Moov Intel

Using our aggregated data and know how gathered from Moov we developed Moov Intel, a digital management and optimization platform for corporations.

The system monitors and gathers all transportation data from employees and suggests optimizations. Route planning and boarding control come together to provide a powerful tool for human resources and supply chain managers. Data gathered is analised by our traffic engineers and treated, so that managers can focus on what really matters.


Com o MOOV você controla sua equipe com eficiência e praticidade.

Com a nossa área de fretamentos, você planeja viagens de seus colaboradores com muito mais eficiência.

Controle o acesso aos meios de transporte disponibilizados pela sua empresa e customize o número de passagens, horários e as rotas que cada grupo de funcionários terá acesso. Utilize as informações geradas pelo sistema para enxugar gastos.

Quer saber mais sobre nosso sistema? Entre em contato.

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